The Silence of the Desert
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Friday, May 18, 2018
By Rod Mikinski Photography Inc
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"In New Mexico he always awoke a young man; not until he rose and began to shave did he realize that he was growing older. His first consciousness was a sense of the light dry wind blowing in through the windows, with the fragrance of hot sun and sage-brush and sweet clover; a wind that made one's body feel light and one's heart cry" - Willa Cather, Death Comes for the Archbishop

It speaks to you.  The dry breeze that whispers across the landscape.  It is beautifully sparse, yet abundant in its mystery.  From New Mexico to Arizona, I have been beckoned by my two feet to explore the landscape.  My camera is the only thing that can stop the landscape from its everchanging metamorphosis. I have taken the same photograph from the same spot, and yet it is not the same.  Every day is a completely different canvas.

The above photos were taken on one of my treks.  The far left is San Isidro Chruch ruins located in Las Mesitas, Co.  It was built in 1878 and was destroyed by fire in 1975.  The center photo is of Napoleon Garcia, the Village Elder of Abiquiu.  As a young Genizaro boy he and his brother did chores for Georgia O'Keefe.  The last photo is called Crown of Thorns and is set at altitude in the National Forest.  The striking part of the photograph is the tree that has managed to grow, despite the barbed wire embedded in its bark.


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